Dayco 4PK1270 V-Ribbed Belts


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Genuine Quality Dayco Drive Belt!

Dayco® developed the first POLY-V BELT® or Multirib belt for the Ford Mustang in the USA in 1979. The multiple rib and flat design provides better belt to pulley contact for less slippage than conventional V-belts. Multiple ribs also eliminate the need for matching and allows for controlled slippage in overload situations, such as when an A/C compressor engages. Today as in 1979 this belt sets the industry standard. The grooved design provides flexural stress relief for increased flexibility in both normal and backside bending. The grooves also render the belt less susceptible to environmental factors such as dust and splash induced slip. Dayco’s superior manufacturing technology uses rubber impregnated fabric backing that maximizes load carrying capability and minimizes noise often associated with competitors belts. The cord is saturated with a specially formulated treatment that ensures length and belt stability for the life of the belt.
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